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The Ticket Clinic is one of the first law firms in the nation to concentrate on defending those persons charged with any traffic offense from speeding to suspended license and DUI.

For almost 30 years, the lawyers at the Ticket Clinic have defended over 3,000,000 traffic offenses and 1000’s of DUI case. If you have been charged with any traffic offense, or your license has been suspended or revoked, The Ticket Clinic may be able to help you get back on the road. Click here to see our recent wins.

We have 26 offices throughout Florida in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Orange, Hillsborough, Lee, Osceola, Volusia counties (and affiliates nationwide) we can be reached toll-free at 800 625 5235 or Click Here to view our locations.


Our law firm was established in 1987, long before many of the other so-called DUI firms were formed. Over almost 30 years, our lawyers have been instrumental in creating lasting Florida DUI case law and current partners of our firm are/were members of the Florida Traffic Rules Committee.

We have 15 full-time DUI/criminal lawyers on staff. This allows us to work on our cases, using a “team approach”. Routinely, our lawyers conference each other so that each case may be reviewed by multiple DUI lawyers. Our DUI results speak for themselves. Please review ourRecent Court Victories” section on our website for some of our recent court wins. The facts of your case might be similar.

Most of our lawyers are former Assistant State Attorneys or Former Assistant Public Defenders. This criminal experience sets us apart, as our attorneys are trained in DUI/criminal trial procedure. We have taken approximately one thousand of DUI/Criminal cases to jury trial from discovery to verdict.

Many of our lawyers have been featured on local and national programs relating to DUI/traffic related topics. When a topic such as this makes the news, we are often the firm that is called for a comment. Allow our team of DUI lawyers to put their experience to work for you.


Since 1987, The Ticket Clinic law firm has been defending DUI/Criminal and other traffic related cases in Florida.  What once started as a single office has transformed into the largest DUI/traffic law in Florida, with 26 REAL locations. Our footprint is unmatched and helps us conveniently serve clients across the state in their neighborhood. Our attorneys are LOCAL.  This allows us to know the people that are involved in your case and build relationships around the courthouse. We know what to say, and who to say it to.  We don’t have to travel around the state, meeting the people involved in your case for the first time.  Therefore, we keep our costs down and pass that savings onto our clients.  We provide aggressive DUI representation, at a fraction of the cost of other law firms. On occasion, if asked, we will assist people charged with crimes in areas where we don’t have an office.  The vast majority of the time, we handle cases where we appear regularly.  This local difference sets us apart from many other law firms. Click here to find a location near you.



Our experience and commitment to detail show in our results. Routinely, we are able to get DUI cases dropped and driver license suspensions reversed at the DMV. Please visit our “Recent Court Victories” and “Can I get my Drivers License Back” sections on our website. These are just some of the recent cases that we have worked on.

A successful DUI defense is the result of years of concentrating on these detail-specific cases. Our law firm focuses on DUI/Criminal and traffic cases only, so we don’t have to spend time learning other areas of the law. General law firms, that work on a wide range of cases, need to try to master many areas of the law. We take a different approach. We focus on 1 area of the law and try to provide the best defense possible.

Being a good trial lawyer is critical to being a good DUI lawyer. Many lawyers have a reputation of just taking pleas on DUI cases. The prosecutors know who those lawyers are. Since they know that the lawyer won’t take the case to trial, the State Attorney has no incentive to work out a favorable deal for the client.

We have literally taken approximately 1,000 DUI/Criminal cases to jury trials. This willingness to take our cases to trial (with our clients’ consent) lets the State Attorney know that we will not merely plea if they offer an unreasonable settlement. We believe that this reputation is critical in order to obtain the best results for a DUI case.



Our decades of DUI experience is not expensive. Our legal fees start at just $1495, payment plans a low as $70 are available. Call for more information!

Many lawyers feel that DUI cases demand very high legal fees. Our firm takes a different approach.  We provide aggressive DUI representation at a fraction of the cost.

Many law firms spend countless hours driving from town to town for DUI cases. They charge their clients for this time.  Since we have 26 REAL offices and are TRULY LOCAL, we don’t have to do this.  We pass these savings onto our clients.

Don’t be fooled by the reasonable fees.  We always provide aggressive LOCAL DUI representation by a highly trained DUI lawyer at a lower cost.

Another difference, we offer payment plans as low as $70 per month!  We are always willing to work with our clients so that our fees are manageable for everyone’s budget.  Don’t let a legal fee get in the way of top quality DUI representation. The DUI attorneys at The Ticket Clinic are always here to help.

Our Team

Mark S. Gold, Esq., founder of The Ticket Clinic, and The DUI Task Force since 1987, has experience in the defense of traffic offenses, suspended license and DUI. He has defended thousands of DUI cases. Mr. Gold has been featured on The Today Show, Action News, WFTL and WIOD radio, The Miami Herald, the Sun Sentinel and CITILink Magazine. He was appointed to the Traffic Court Rules Committee by The Florida Bar. Twenty years ago, The Miami Herald said: “Gold…doesn’t have a magic wand. What he does have is a battery of defenses aimed at breaking down the government’s case. Gold is a master of traffic technicalities.”

Ted L Hollander, Esq., since 1997 has dedicated his career to those charged with offenses ranging from traffic cases, suspended licenses and DUIs. Mr. Hollander, a former Assistant Public Defender has handled thousand’s of DUI cases and has taken more than 150 DUI cases to jury trial. Featured on The Today Show (NBC national), Fox, ABC, CBS, multiple radio stations, numerous newspapers throughout Florida and the internet, Mr. Hollander has been the source of information for many legal topics, exclusively dealing with topics related to traffic and DUI cases.

Eric M. Beller, is a retired Broward County Judge and former General Magistrate who joined The Ticket Clinic as our CFO in 2016. He brings a wealth of experience in traffic and other areas of the law. As a Judge, he presided over thousands of traffic and traffic criminal cases. Prior to being elected Judge in 2003, Mr Beller was a successful trial lawyer.

Robert Azcano, Esq., a former public defender in the DUI division. Mr. Azcano has defended hundreds of traffic offenses, suspended license and DUI cases throughout the State of Florida, from Dade to Volusia Counties. He has years of experience solely in the DUI field.

Jeff Reynolds, Esq., who practices in our Tampa office, obtained his JD degree from Mercer University, after graduating college at the University of Georgia.  After graduating law school, Mr. Reynolds began his legal career at the State Attorney’s office, in Hillsborough County.  As a prosecutor, Mr. Reynolds handled well over a thousand traffic and misdemeanor cases, focusing mainly on the offense of DUI.  Since joining The Ticket Clinic, a law firm Mr. Reynolds has continued his practice of the defense of DUI and all other traffic related crimes.

Stephen P. Smith. Esq., a former Assistant State Attorney experienced in over 100 jury trials ranging from D.U.I. to murder. Mr. Smith is trained and certified as a law enforcement officer. He has lectured for more than 2000 hours to law enforcement recruits on legal issues and the importance of civil rights. He is a proficient speaker in Spanish after intense language studies and living in South America. Mr. Smith is a former member of a Florida Bar Grievance Committee. Mr. Smith is a graduate of Florida State University College of Law. Mr. Smith handles all criminal cases for our Treasure Coast Clients. These cases range from the most minor offenses through serious D.U.I. cases and all felony cases as well.

William D. Moffatt, Esq., upon graduating from Nova Law School became a Broward County Assistant State Attorney. He later opened his own private practice, exclusively devoted to the defense of suspended drivers license, D.U.I. and Traffic tickets throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties. He has successfully defended 1000’s of these cases. Mr.. Moffatt wrote the acclaimed 350 page law book, “Florida Traffic Ticket Defense”. This book has been in publication for the past 20 years and is used widely throughout Florida by law firms, State Attorney’s offices and the Public Defenders Offices as the definitive source for Traffic Defense Strategies. He is currently representing clients in the SW Florida office (Ft. Myers) of The Ticket Clinic, handling cases in Ft. Myers, Naples and throughout SW Florida.

Joel L. Mumford, Esq., began his legal career as an Assistant Public Defender in Broward County Florida. There, he handled more than 1400 criminal cases. These cases primarily dealt with issues relating to DUI, traffic and drug cases. Next, Mr. Mumford became lead trial counsel for The Ticket Clinic, in Kissimmee, FL. After approximately 4 years, Mr. Mumford received the distinguished honor of being appointed as The Chief Public Defender in his home county. While there, Mr. Mumford supervised the entire staff and office, including all Assistant Public Defenders in the county. While working as Chief PD, Mr. Mumford worked on many types of criminal cases ranging from DUI to Murder. After accomplishing his intended goals there, Mr. Mumford returned to The Ticket Clinic, to become lead trial counsel in our West Palm Beach office.

Cory Hauser, Esq., obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami in 1996 and his JD degree from Nova University in 1999. Initially, Mr. Hauser worked as an Assistant State Attorney in Broward County, working on DUI/Misdemeanor and Felony cases. Next, Mr. Hauser was employed as corporate counsel for a financial services company in Florida. Since 2010, Mr. Hauser has worked for The Ticket Clinic, handling traffic, DUI and other criminal matters in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Daniel A. Gonzalez, Esq., earned his law degree from Florida International University in 2009. After graduating, Mr. Gonzalez worked as an Assistant Public Defender in Broward County, having handled thousands of criminal cases. These cases included juveniles charged with misdemeanors and felonies, criminal traffic offenses, adults charged with misdemeanors and first, second, and third degree felonies, violations of probation, minimum mandatory charges and life felonies. Mr. Gonzalez has handled over 60 jury and non-jury trials and countless motions and hearings. Mr. Gonzalez is counsel for criminal cases in the firm’s Miami office and is fluent in Spanish.

Brian S. Sandor, Esq., is an Orlando native having obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida before graduating from Michigan State University College of Law. After law school, Mr. Sandor began his legal career as an Assistant State Attorney in Lake County Florida. As a prosecutor, Mr. Sandor handled thousands of criminal traffic and misdemeanor cases before being promoted to circuit court where he prosecuted a wide range of felony cases. Mr. Sandor left the Office of the State Attorney to join The Ticket Clinic without ever having lost a trial as a prosecutor. Mr. Sandor, who also speaks fluent Spanish, now works defending clients on all types of traffic and criminal cases in our Orlando Office, representing clients throughout the Central Florida area.

Justin Orosz, Esq. received his undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton in 2001 and his law degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2013.  Prior to attending law school, Mr. Orosz worked as a teacher at the high school level and as a basketball coach at the high school, college and professional levels.  Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Orosz worked as an Assistant Public Defender where he handled over a thousand criminal cases including criminal traffic offenses, DUI as well as other misdemeanor and felony cases.  Mr. Orosz works in the Ft. Myers office and handles cases in Charlotte, Collier and Lee Counties.

William C. “Will” Anderson, Esq. graduated law school in Florida in 2009.  Since then he had dedicated his career to clients charged with criminal and traffic offenses.  During his time as an attorney, Mr. Anderson has handled thousands of criminal and traffic cases , including high profile media cases, murder cases and capital sexual battery cases. Mr. Anderson has been featured in local, national and international media outlets for his tireless work on behalf of his clients. Mr. Anderson has lectured both attorneys and law students on various areas of criminal law. Mr. Anderson works in our Tampa office representing those accused of traffic offenses, DUI, and all criminal matters, no matter how large or small.

Nick Chotos, earned his law degree from St. Thomas University in 2014.  Mr. Chotos followed his passion for criminal law and began his legal career as an Assistant Public Defender in Broward County.  There he defended thousands of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors and DUIs to serious felonies.  Mr. Chotos now works as lead trial counsel at the firm’s Ft. Lauderdale office, handling all Broward criminal cases.

Genine Mejia, Esq. Ms. Mejia, our lead criminal attorney in our Daytona Beach office, graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Central Florida in 2001 with a degree in Science. In 2012, she obtained her law degree from Barry University, graduating with Honors. After law school, Ms. Mejia began her legal career as an Assistant Public Defender and then operated her own law firm. During that time, her cases included traffic cases, assault/battery, burglary, DUI, drug offenses, robbery and sexual battery cases. Throughout her career, she has gained practical, extensive litigation experience and knowledge which she uses every day while defending the rights of Ticket Clinic clients, in the northeast part of Florida.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

"As a young college student, being charged with a DUI was one of the scariest things I have had to deal with. The Ticket Clinic was able to get my case together quickly and get me the best deal I could have asked for. The DUI charges were dropped. The Ticket Clinic was able to put me at ease during one of the hardest times of my life." Sinead -     "The Ticket Clinic was professional and in constant contact with me from the first phone called, until the case was closed. To make a long story short, I was not convicted of a DUI - since then, I referred a friend to the Ticket Clinic." Richard -     "I was faced with a DUI. Most people fear jail, but I heard that it would ruin my record for life. This can cost you a job, credit, relationships. The more we are an online world the more your record is available to the public - a DUI stays forever. The Ticket Clinic didn’t settle, but successfully defended my DUI case. They are the only ones I would trust confidently with a serious matter." Dave -     "I was face with an unjust DUI and called The Ticket Clinic to represent me. I was never faced with such a serious situation before. TTC’s professionalism, confidence and knowledge put me at ease, knowing I was in good hands. As I went through this ordeal, TTC was on top of everything and brought this to closure quite quickly. TTC has also helped me find a lawyer in another state for a friend in a similar situation. I highly recommend The Ticket Clinic!" Scott -     "I was facing a DUI charge but TTC got my charges dismissed, even though I submitted to a breath test! I would recommend them to anyone facing a DUI. Thank you again for everything." Kiersen -     "I was pleased to receive your letter of February 21, 2017 advising me that all charges against me were dismissed by the Court. I am very pleased how the Ticket Clinic handled my case. I definitely will recommend the Ticket Clinic to friends and neighbors should they be issued a traffic ticket. Many thanks again for solving my problem." Wolfgang H. -