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About Breath Alcohol Test

The breath alcohol test could be in error, or administered improperly. If that is the case, it doesn’t matter what the reading is, or how high it is.

We can retain an expert witness on our client’s behalf. These experts are former law enforcement officers with the breath testing department of a major police force. One expert was even a DUI instructor. If there was anything wrong with the breath test, the manner in which it was administered, or the operation or maintenance of the equipment, we will try to find it.

Examples of what can go wrong with a breath test:

  • Was the machine properly calibrated and tested according to Florida law?
  • Were you observed for twenty minutes prior to the test as required by Florida law?
  • Were you told that your license would be suspended it you refused the breath test?
  • Was the operator certified to give the test?
  • Were you given the option to refuse?
  • Were you told to keep blowing, or had to blow several times during the test?
  • Was the test requested in accordance with Florida law?
  • Did the results comply with the .02 agreement?
  • Did you request a blood test to confirm the Breath test results which was denied by law enforcement?

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We will look at every possible option and technicality to determine if the breath test was legally administered, and the Breath instrument properly operated. If we find an error, we will ask the court to suppress the test results.

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