DUI & Criminal Division

Lee County Case – 24-CT-5006**

Client was arrested for DUI after appearing to be asleep behind the wheel and erratic driving. There was an odor of marijuana in the car and the client admitted to using marijuana. The Client was given field sobriety tests and eventually arrested. His breath result was .000. The Florida Highway Patrol Trooper requested a urine […]

22-xxxxxxx-tc DUI Amended

Client was at fault in a rear end collision. When Officers approached her they smelled the odor of alcoholic beverages, and burnt marijuana, noticed slurred speech, red glassy eyes and that the client was unsteady on her feet. The officer asked our client to do field sobriety exercises and to submit to a blood alcohol […]

2023-CT**** – Marijuana Case Dismissed

Our client was charged with possession of marijuana facing up to 1 year in county jail. The officer stopped him for driving with no seatbelt and the officer allegedly observed a green leafy substance in plain view. We managed his court dates so that he could obtain a marijuana prescription prior to his final court date. After […]

22CF****50 – Drug Case Dropped

Officers approached our client after a suspected collision with another vehicle. The Officer later conducted an investigation and searched our client’s car. During the search the Officer located a bag of cocaine next to the driver’s seat of the vehicle. In the State of Florida, possession of any amount of cocaine is a felony punishable by up to 5 […]

####49 – Marijuana Possession Charge Dropped

The Ticket Client was hired to represent an 18 year old charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia following a 3/31/22 traffic stop. The firms attorney’s quickly identified the legal issue that rendered the search that took place to be unlawful. The attorney made quick contact with the Assistant State Attorney assigned […]

Case 20-CF-**** | Possession of Cocaine | Drug Possession Lawyers

Our client was charged with Possession of Cocaine, which stemmed from a traffic stop. After being retained, Ticket Clinic lawyers began investigating the case and began negotiations with the prosecuting attorney.  Ultimately, our client was required to complete a 4 hour drug awareness course, but the State agreed to dismiss the criminal charge, keeping this […]


Deputies initiated a traffic stop on our client for allegedly failing to mover over on the highway. According to the deputies, our client consented to a search of his car. Deputies allegedly found numerous drugs in his car including MDMA and “dab oil” cannabis, charging our client with numerous felonies. The attorney for the Firm […]


Our client was pulled over and arrested for possession of marijuana. Ticket Clinic attorneys determined that the police officers’ search of our client’s car was illegal. We prepared and filed a Motion to Suppress, challenging the stop/search. The case was set for a jury trial. The State read the motion, and dropped the charge. Ultimately, […]


Client was pulled over for speeding and law enforcement smelled the odor of marijuana coming from their vehicle. Law enforcement searched the vehicle and located 11 grams of cannabis in two locations in the vehicle’s trunk, resulting in the client receiving two separate charges for possession of cannabis. The Ticket Clinic Attorneys were hired on […]


Our client was pulled over by undercover officers who were conducting surveillance on a suspected drug dealer. After allegedly observing a hand-to-hand transaction, our client was found to be in possession of 100 Xanax pills. Our client was charged with possession with intent to deliver. He was facing a MANDATORY 2 year prison sentence. Ticket […]