DUI & Criminal Division

XXXXXX7MU10A – DUI Dropped

Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident causing damage to multiple vehicles. When police arrived, she told the officers that she had been drinking and that she felt that she was impaired. She cooperated with the investigation and provided a breath sample of .211, well above the legal limit of .08. The officers […]


Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident. When police officers arrived, he made several admissions to consuming alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot, he had trouble balancing, and his speech was noticeably slurred. During the course of the investigation, our client refused to participate in field sobriety exercises or provide a breath sample and […]

2023-CT-xxxxxx DUI Amended

Client was Charged with DUI. He was pulled over for nearly hitting a Road Ranger preparing to close the Intersate due to an accident. The officer was very upset and aggressive towards our client, while he was calm and reserved. He admitted to having a drink at dinner earlier in the evening, and the officer […]

22-xxxxxxx-tc DUI Amended

Client was at fault in a rear end collision. When Officers approached her they smelled the odor of alcoholic beverages, and burnt marijuana, noticed slurred speech, red glassy eyes and that the client was unsteady on her feet. The officer asked our client to do field sobriety exercises and to submit to a blood alcohol […]

23-****52MU**A DUI Dropped

Our client was driving southbound on the Florida turnpike.  On the right shoulder was a father and son who were changing a flat tire.  According to police reports, our client’s car veered to the right, colliding with the stopped car injuring the father and son.  There were injuries and significant property damage as well.  After […]

2021CT####### DUI Dismissed

The client rear ended two parked police vehicles in a serious accident.  The officer that was standing outside his vehicle at the time the accident occurred. Immediately the officer went to the driver side window of the vehicle and used his flashlight to break the vehicle’s window to gain access.  In the process the client […]

Case XXXXXXMU10X Not Guilty DUI Verdict

Our client was charged with DUI after he was pulled over for failing to maintain a single lane and slowing for a green light. During the DUI investigation, the officer indicated that he observed numerous signs of impairment, including slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, the odor of alcohol, and observed that our client had trouble maintaining […]

2023CT#######6# DUI Dismissed

Police responded to the scene of a bar where the client was out of control after drinking excessively.  Once on scene, it was apparent the Client was drunk and needed help as she was having a panic attack.  EMS responded and at some point the client was allowed to go to her vehicle, sit in […]

2023CT00XX3 – DUI Dismissed

Client was pulled over for driving straight through a turn lane. When the officer approached, he noticed our client had alcohol on his breath, bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech. When asked if he’d been drinking, our client responded that he had one beer. Later in the investigation, he stated he had 2 beers. The officer […]

2021CT-**** DUI Reduced

Our client was arrested and charged with DUI after he was stopped for failing to maintain a single lane. After stopping the vehicle, the officer approached the vehicle and observed the lone occupant putting on a mask.  The officer smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver. He noticed the driver had bloodshot […]