DUI & Criminal Division


Our client was pulled over for going 82 in a 45-mph zone. During the traffic stop, the officer observed our client fail to maintain a single lane and noted that he observed a very strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and that our client had a difficult time providing his license, registration, and […]

Leaving The Scene Case Dropped

While waiting for a red light to turn green, our client rolled forward, tapping the car in front.  Our client and the other driver exited their vehicles and examined the “damage,” then went on their respective ways.  Later, the other driver called law enforcement claiming that our client left the scene of the accident without […]

Racing On The Highway (Passenger) Dismissed

Our client was issued a criminal traffic infraction for racing on a highway – knowingly as a passenger, in violation of Fl Stat 316.191 (2)(c).  We filed our notice of appearance and entered into negotiations with the state attorney’s office. Due to the client’s cooperation, attitude, lack of priors and completion of a three-hour online […]

2023CT13XX Leaving The Scene Dismissed

Our client, a mother with no criminal history was charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Alachua County. Our client damaged a neighbor’s fence and was adamant that a note was left providing her information. There had been an ongoing feud between the neighbor and our client before this accident occurred. The neighbor […]

23ctxxxxxx Racing on the Highway Charge Dropped

The Defendant was observed sitting at a stop light waiting for the light to change to green by a HIllsborough County Deputy. As the light turned green, the Defendant was observed to squeal his tires creating a burnout. He then began to rapidly accelerate in an attempt to outgain the vehicle beside him. A stop […]

2023XXX5 Fleeing and eluding nolle pros

Our client, a CDL holder was driving through Union County when he was pulled over by a Union County Deputy and was charged with Fleeing and Eluding and reckless driving. The Deputy’s dashcam painted a completely different picture then what he had notated in his arrest report. After the Deputy activated his sirens and got […]

2023CF*****9 – Fleeing or Attempting to Elude (high speed or reckless)

Our client was arrested for Fleeing or Attempting to Elude (high speed or reckless). The officers alleged that our client was traveling 65MPH in a 35MPH speed zone. They then alleged that our client got onto I-95 and continued to flee from them. Officers stated they pulled up alongside our client’s vehicle and positively identified […]

2023-CT-***1* – Racing & Resisting

An Altamonte Springs Police Officer observed a black BMW and a blue BMW passing him with their engines at a high revolution. These were the only two vehicles on that section of the road at the time. He flashed his lights to warn the drivers, but they continued to race. He activated his lights and […]

2023-CT-****2 – Racing Charge Reduced

Our client was charged with Racing after an Orlando Police Officer observed him speeding on East Colonial Drive. The officer watched as a white BMW and a blue Subaru stopped at a steady red signal and were lined up, side by side.  When the light turned green both vehicles launched and accelerated rapidly in a […]

XXXXXTC30A Leaving Scene Not Guilty Verdict

Our client was charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident. The Ticket Clinic attorney for Broward County set the case for trial to clear our client’s name. At trial, the State produced three witnesses who testified that they saw our client drive away from an accident where a person was ejected from the vehicle. […]