DUI & Criminal Division


Client was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. During the stop the client provided his license from Germany. The Deputy didn’t recognize the German license as valid and issued the client a notice to appear in Court. The client, from Germany, didn’t understand what to do and ignored the citation. When he didn’t appear […]


Client was arrested for the first time ever while driving on a suspended license. The Ticket Clinic Attorneys were able to negotiate with the Office of the State Attorney, resulting in no criminal conviction, keeping the client’s record clean.


Client was arrested while driving to visit his family and was criminally charged for using his restricted license for a non-employment purpose. This arrest also violated the client’s probation in another county. The Ticket Clinic Attorneys filed a Motion to Dismiss the criminal charge. The State Attorney’s Office conceded and all criminal charges were dismissed.


At approximately 2:00AM, police respond to an accident on the Palmetto Expressway where our client had rear-ended someone. During their investigation of the accident, the police noticed our client demonstrating the typical signs of impairment including him having stumbled when approaching the officers. After completing their accident investigation, the police informed our client they were […]


Our client was stopped for an expired tag violation. During the traffic stop the officer noticed syringes and cotton balls in our client’s backseat. Upon further investigation, the officer determined these items to be drug paraphernalia. The officer arrested our client for these items and sent the items to a lab for further testing. Upon […]


Our client was allegedly paced by Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) traveling 90MPH on SR-826. FHP activated their emergency lights and sirens and gave chase for approximately 15 minutes while our client weaved in and out of lanes of traffic. Eventually FHP was ordered to discontinue their pursuit and contact was made for Police to take […]


Our client was pulled over for allegedly swerving all over the road. Upon making contact with our client, the officer claims he detected several signs of impairment and that our client admitted to drinking. The officer conducted field sobriety exercises and says that our client failed to perform them to standards. After being arrested and […]


Our client was stopped by a police officer for cutting off the officer and making an improper turn at a traffic light. Next, our client allegedly changed lanes, again impeding the officer’s ability to maneuver his car. After being stopped, our client admitted to drinking 5 beers and said that “he shouldn’t be driving”. Initially, […]


Our office represented co-defendants who were pulled over by Florida Highway Patrol for allegedly weaving through lanes of traffic at speeds exceeding 100MPH on Florida’s Turnpike. The police officer stated that he gave our clients a break and only ticketed them for reckless driving when he could have ticketed them for racing. Our attorneys were […]