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Robert Azcano, Esq

Robert Azcano, since the year 2000, has been defending clients who charge range from minor traffic offenses to attempted murder. After graduating law school, and practicing law in Miami as an Assistant Public Defender, Mr. Azcano joined The Ticket Clinic's Orlando office in 2003. Mr. Azcano has handled thousands of cases from Miami to Daytona. Now, his focus is on cases in Central Florida counties. He has taken approximately 100 cases to trial, the majority of which have been DUI cases. He has argued countless Motions to Dismiss, Suppress Illegal Searches, Illegal Stops, Improper Breath/Urine/Blood Test Results and many constitutional issues as well. He has been a featured guest lecturer at the University of Central Florida on topics relating to criminal law and trial advocacy. He has appeared on ABC, NBC and FOX news as a legal analyst on many traffic related topics. His years of criminal/DUI and jury trial experience allow Mr. Azcano to provide thorough/aggressive DUI representation for our Central Florida clients.