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Can Police Take A Breath Test for Drugs?… Not in Florida

A police officer can easily identify a drunk driver with the help of a breathalyzer. It gets more complicated figuring out if the suspect is under the influence of drugs. Although marijuana can be detected in blood and urine samples anywhere up to a month, it is difficult to determine if the driver was actually under the influence at the time of the offense. Therefore, the police cannot conduct a breathalyzer test for drugs.

Though most states have strict laws on DUI, officers have no easy means of detecting it on the field. A blood test and urine test is used to charge the driver.

A set of Swedish scientists claims to have come up with a breathalyzer that can detect if the offender was driving under the influence of drugs. The details appear in the journal of breath research. It is said that the breathalyzer can detect 12 different controlled substances, including methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, morphine and marijuana. This test is not in use in Florida.

The latest devices developed to test substance use while driving are cannibuster and SensAbues. Both these devices claim to detect drugs in the breath and can be used at any location including road tests. The SensAbues, for instance, checks for micro-particles of the substance in breath and it can be confirmed by conducting a blood test later on.

The limit of substance use while driving, varies from state-to-state. Some states have set a limit while others have a zero tolerance rule. So, If you have been charged with driving under the influence, consult professionals like the DUI attorney Tampa, who can represent you in court. DUI lawyers are familiar with the legal system and can put up a good defense for you in court.

When it comes to testing for Marijuana, THC is said to be present in the blood up to a month after the actual intake. A driver may be penalized, weeks after the actual use of the drug. In such cases experts like the DUI attorney Orlando can help defend you and fight your case.