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Can Prescription Drugs Cause a DUI Charge?

Most people associate a DUI with driving after having one too many to drink; they are not aware that DUI could also mean being under the influence of the prescription drug, and being impaired to drive. Any experienced Miami DUI attorney will tell you that for an officer to consider you for a DUI, you should have displayed significant impairment of ability and judgement while driving, and driven in an unsafe manner – regardless of whether this impairment was caused by alcohol, narcotics, or prescription drugs; any unnatural substance that brings about this situation, is viewed in the same manner by the law.

If you’re convicted of DUI due to prescription drugs, the same penalties as for a drunk driving DUI can apply – the same fines, jail term, community service, and so on.

But you may be wondering how is it even possible that prescription drugs can cause you to be DUI. Many prescription drugs, especially antidepressants and those prescribed for insomnia, and even cough medications, can cause you to feel drowsy, dizzy, blurry eyed, irritable, anxious, tired, panicky and unable to focus.

Drugged driving can be more difficult to prove and prosecute, as there are many complications involved in proving intoxication due to medication. A breathalyzer or urine/blood test can be easily performed to determine blood alcohol level, but there are no standardized tests to measure the exact level of prescription drugs in someone’s system.

The following prescription drugs can cause a DUI charge:

Most of these medications are likely to have warnings like “Do not operate heavy machinery” or “Do not consume while driving” or something similar. Even if you have used as per your doctor’s directions, the drug may still affect your ability to drive safely, and land you in hot water. If your dosage was increased, or you take a combination of such drugs, the risk of impairment is much higher too.

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