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Driver License Compact: What You Should Know

Being a favored tourist destination, Florida, and especially Miami, issues a pretty high number of traffic tickets and DUI citations. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a few beers on holiday, right? So what happens is that quite a large number of out of town/state drivers get charged with DUI. Aha – so you were one of the holiday revelers who received a DUI in Florida? First you will need to consult a DUI lawyer Miami to help you sort out the legal issues while you’re there. Read on to know how this will affect your driving record and privileges in your home state.

If your home state is a member of the Driver License Compact, then your state should come to know about your citation and/or arrest; meaning, it will go on your record.

What is the Driver License Compact?

This is an interstate compact where most states exchange information regarding traffic violations and suspension of nonresident drivers. “One Driver, One License, One Record” is the theme of the compact. So what does that mean? Well, if you get a DUI in Florida, it’s as good as if you got it in your home state. So “Hey, but I was on vacation!” excuse just won’t cut it.

Once you get back home, you may face the penalties your home state imposes on a DUI; this is whether it was a hit and run, an alcohol related DUI, a prescription drug or narcotics DUI, a DUI accident with injuries or manslaughter.

So under the Driver License Compact:

No matter which state you’re a resident of, you should not ignore your court summons for your DUI hearing. If your case goes to trial, your presence will be even more advantageous to your case as a jury tends to be more sympathetic if they can look at the defendant’s face.

But you don’t have to despair. Consult experienced DUI lawyers in Florida and you stand a good chance of getting your DUI charge reduced or dismissed; then your home state isn’t likely to take action against you. Call us at to talk to our expert attorneys now!