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First Offense Convictions in a Florida DUI – A Florida DUI Lawyer May Help You!

DUI, or driving under the influence is a traffic offense that is taken very seriously in the state of Florida. This ticket is accompanied by hefty fines and other penalties too. First see what the law says:

You may be cited for a DUI ticket if:

If you think you have been charged erroneously, or want to get the charges reduced, you can get a Florida DUI Attorney to represent you in court in this matter.

These are the penalties you stand to face if you receive a DUI for the FIRST time:

In case, you had a minor in the vehicle at the time, or your alcohol level was found to be 0.15% or higher, you will be asked to pay a higher face, and face up to 9 months in jail.

When you consider all the fines and charges, you will realize that hiring a Florida DUI Lawyer will actually help you save money; an experienced DUI attorney may be able to argue successfully in your favor and get your charges dropped or considerably reduced. Remember that in addition to the legal consequences, a DUI conviction can look bad for you when you apply for a job, loan or even try to find an apartment, as you are required to mention this fact. Hiring a lawyer to fight this charge may save you from all this embarrassment. DUI attorneys are well-versed with the intricacies of the law and will be able to help you wriggle out of a bad situation.

Have you received a DUI for the first time? At The Ticket Clinic, we have experienced and efficient attorneys who may help you fight and beat the charges. Give us a Call Today to know more!