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Have You Been Convicted of A DUI in The Past? The Consequences Could be Serious

DUI is considered as a criminal offense in Florida. DUI convictions have major ramifications that can last for years. A DUI conviction can result in two types of punishments, the first one is administrative while the other falls under the criminal law.

In most states, a second DUI offense is considered a misdemeanor. A third offense may be considered as a felony.

The consequences of a having a previous DUI conviction are severe. You can consult a DUI Attorney Fort Lauderdale for further information.

Criminal Penalties for Second DUI convictions:

The fines and jail time increase by leaps and bounds along with the number of DUI convictions on your record. In some cases, your license can be suspended forever.

Felonies and manslaughter carry extremely high penalties. If you have hurt someone while impaired or worse, killed someone you may never be allowed to possess a driver’s license again. The fines shoot up to $10,000 and you may be looking at many years of imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.

DUI consequences can be harsh. Experienced DUI attorneys like the Miami DUI Attorney will be able to analyze your case, represent you effectively in court and try to minimize your penalties. Call us today to know more!