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How to Avoid Hiring An Inexperienced DUI Lawyer in Tampa

If you have been arrested for a DUI or a DWI offense, it is best to seek the help of a DUI attorney because there is a good chance that you may face jail time, have your driving license suspended and/or pay hefty fines.

Here are a few questions you can ask, to avoid hiring inexperienced DUI lawyers:

This will tell you about the lawyer's experience.

You can inquire about the previous DUI cases the lawyer has represented. A lawyer can be in practice for years but may have handled DUI cases only occasionally.

You may need to go to court to get the outcome you deserve. It is better to find out about the number of DUI cases the lawyer has taken to trial. So it is best to have an experienced DUI lawyer in Tampa represent you.

As most attorneys work as a team, the person you are talking to may not be the lawyer working on your case. So it is best to find out about the qualifications of the lawyer handling your case.

It is in your best interest to you have a proficient and honest DUI attorney in Tampa to fight your case.They must be clear about what the case might cost you.

An experienced lawyer should be able to explain to you the challenges he/she sees in your case and the ways in which they could affect the court verdict.

An experienced attorney will never guarantee specific results. They will only be able to give you insight on the best defenses, they plan to put forward at the trial.

When you go to meet your potential DUI attorney, tell him/her everything related to the charges. What you tell your lawyer cannot be used against you in court as it is protected by the client-attorney privilege.