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Symptoms and Behaviors Police Officers Use to charge you with DUI

If a police officer pulls you over on suspicion of driving drunk, you can bet that they are looking for some symptoms or suspicious behavior on your part. In fact, they start looking for such indicators even before they pull you over; they are the reasons that you get pulled over in the first place.

When you get pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, it is only safe to assume that the police officer is looking for certain red flags that might indicate intoxication. What most drivers don’t know is that the search for these indicators starts even before the officer pulls you over. This is because, it is mandatory for a law enforcement officer to have “reasonable suspicion” – a valid, legal reason – for pulling you over. This could include weaving between lanes, ignoring traffic signs, speeding, braking unnecessarily, or any kind of erratic and unsafe driving. If you were pulled over even though you were driving safely without exhibiting any of these behaviors, consult a DUI attorney Orlando for advice.

Tell-tale Signs that could land you in serious trouble

The moment you are pulled over, you are under the scanner, and the officer will assess your behavior and speech for any sign of intoxication. Be aware of this tactic, and don’t incriminate yourself or risk arrest. These are the signs that may result in the officer wanting to conduct a breath, urine or blood test for proof of intoxication:

If the officer feels that more than one of these symptoms were negative, then he may ask you to perform field sobriety tests to confirm whether your judgment was impaired due to consumption of any unnatural substance – be it alcohol, prescription drugs or narcotics.

These tests are not mandatory; you can refuse them because a person can fail such test due to reasons other than intoxication. Talk to an experienced DUI attorney West Palm Beach to know more. At this point, the officer may ask to test your system for the presence of alcohol or drugs above the permissible limit.

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