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The First thing You Should Do If Charged with a DUI

You may be charged with DUI (Driving under Influence) in Orange County, but that would not automatically get you convicted.

What should you do?

You should immediately get in touch with experienced Orange County DUI attorneys to explore the defences available. The attorney possesses comprehensive knowledge of the Orange County’s prosecuting laws and while reviewing your case would suggest the pertinent escape routes.

The arresting officer takes into cognizance your driving pattern primarily. DUI attorney Orlando would focus on this first. The police report documenting the traffic violation may indicate within lane weaving or so. You may be an inefficient driver, but this does not essentially mean that you were driving under the influence.  Some reasons can be attributed to weaving within lanes. The enforcement officer relies on such indicator, but the attorney can contest the reliability of such claims.

Objective signs of intoxication are identified in the police report. The objective signs usually include slow or slurred speech, whether your breath smells palpably of alcohol, eyes and face condition i.e. whether they are red, flushed or watery; and tottering gait of the individual. The arresting officer would list the objective signs in his DUI arrest form.

You should invariably contact a seasoned Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney who can offers credible explanations for the objective signs to prove that they have no bearing on alcohol consumption. If the officer has indicated red and watery eyes, the attorney can prove that it may be due to eye irritation or allergy or cold or extreme tiredness. Further, a tottering gait is not unusual as the individual out of nervousness may start performing poorly in the field sobriety test.

Field sobriety test is conducted by handheld intoximeters of inferior quality. They have a notorious reputation of being unreliable. Tampa DUI attorneys would immediately get down to close examination of the maintenance and calibration logs as any report can not fool their trained eyes.

Another important thing in the statute that is positively exploited by the DUI attorney Orlando is the fact that the officer administering the breath test needs to watch the person for fifteen minutes before commencing the test. Officers generally spend the time getting the sobriety test machine ready or doing paperwork. DUI defence attorney will immediately go through the video of the test and look for signs that would indicate procedural deviation on the part of the officer.

So, now you know what to do if you are charged with a DUI offence. Rely on the expertise and experience of orange county DUI attorneys and see your way out of the conviction.