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Understanding The Penalties for Alcohol or Drug-Related Violations in Florida

Receiving a ticket for any traffic violation is bad enough, considering that there are heavy fines, probation, community service and often, jail time associated with them.

But certain violations are more serious than others, and one of them is DUI, or driving under the influence. In fact, Florida enforces this offense very strictly. It could be either alcohol or drugs, prescription or otherwise, that causes impairment of a person’s normal capabilities. If you feel that you have been cited unfairly, you can engage a Florida DUI lawyer to fight the case in court.

First, you need to understand the consequences of receiving a DUI ticket. Normally, a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher is considered over the limit, and the person will be considered to be DUI.

First time offender Gets:

Second DUI results in:

Third DUI means:

Of course, the fines go up when there’s a minor in the car, or the blood alcohol level is 0.15 or higher, for every DUI conviction. The driver may also have to face additional jail time along with the increased fines.

Other consequences may include an interlock device being placed in your vehicle and the possibility of your car being impounded by the authorities.

An experienced Florida DUI Attorney may help you defend yourself against the charges and get the penalties reduced. We have efficient and experienced attorneys, who have successfully defended thousands of drivers against similar accusations. If you feel the charge against you is unjustified, give us a call today to know more!