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What are the Alternative Sentences for DUI in Miami?

If you are a Florida resident, you must be aware of the harsh stance the State takes with regard to traffic violations, and DUI in particular. A first time DUI offender may well end up paying hefty fines and spending up to 6 months in jail; and this is for a normal DUI, without aggravating factors like an accident, injury and so on.

Any experienced DUI lawyer in Miami would like to work towards getting his client’s charges dismissed. But in certain cases, the prosecution’s case could be very strong, and the odds may be heavily against the defendant – you, for example.

In certain cases, the court may allow sentences alternative to jail time; an experienced lawyer may be able to successfully persuade the court to provide that option to you.

In Florida, a first DUI conviction could carry up to six months’ jail time, and a term of 9 months for a second conviction; get convicted a third time, and you could be looking at 12 long months of incarceration or more. DUI with accidents can carry longer sentences.

Alternatives to Jail

If you’re a normal law abiding citizen, with a job and family, you certainly can’t afford to go to jail even for 3 months; your finances will go haywire, and you could lose your job.

The Florida Statutes Sec. 316.193(6)(k) grants judge the discretion to order either a residential alcoholism or drug abuse treatment program, and the time served is credited by the court towards jail time.

This option is likely to be offered to those who commit misdemeanor DUIs and have no violent criminal records. The House Arrest program may be offered to low-risk offenders; they are normally required to wear electronic monitoring devices on their ankles.

There are other options also that could be offered to first-time offenders and low-risk offenders. If you are interested in exploring these options, consult an expert Miami DUI attorney. We have experienced DUI lawyers who can help you to put up a convincing defense and avoid jail time. Call us at 1(800)625-5232 today, to set up an appointment. Don’t fret – just leave it in our capable hands!