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Why And When Do You Need A DUI lawyer

If you have been charged with DUI in Florida, you need to know that it’s a pretty serious matter. The state of Florida enforces the DUI laws very strictly. There are several consequences of a DUI charge, and they can make life difficult. You may have to pay hefty fines, get points on your record, see your insurance premiums raised, attend DUI school, perform community service, and possibly even serve jail time.

Don’t worry; this happens only when you plead guilty and pay the fine. However, it’s not mandatory that if you are charged with DUI, you have to pay the fine.

You can always consult a DUI lawyer Orlando for advice on what to do next. It’s best to give your lawyer all the details concerning the case so that they can objectively analyze your situation, and give you appropriate advice on how to handle it.

Maybe you were really drunk, and your BAL was way over the charts, and there is no way you can beat the rap; in such a case, perhaps it may make sense to quietly pay up, and be more careful in the future. But remember that paying up doesn’t end the matter – this stays on your record for 50 years, and you may find your insurance premiums going up, and face several other penalties. Even these type of cases can be challenged.

So if you engage the services of an experienced DUI lawyer, he may be able to plea bargain and get your charge reduced to reckless driving; while you may still need to pay fines and probably attend driving school, the penalties are far less severe when compared to a DUI.

Your lawyer may also be able to do sentence bargaining; that is, pleading guilty on an assurance of a lesser sentence than what is usually pronounced.

An experienced DUI lawyer will be able to do this for you, as he will be well versed with the finer details of the law, and have years of experience handling similar cases.

But most of the times, that may not be the case; maybe you had the permissible alcohol level, or the test showed your BAL to be just over. You definitely need a lawyer to represent you in the court in such an instance. An experienced DUI lawyer Orange County may just be able to present your case in such a manner as to get you out of this situation.

If by chance you were convicted of a DUI, and get charged a second time, you should consider hiring a lawyer. A second DUI charge looks really bad and has very harsh penalties associated with it.