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Pinellas County Is Serious About DUI Arrests

In our previous blog we highlighted that the Tampa Bay Area is Florida’s DUI hotspot for several years in a row. Further, Pinellas County is the place where law enforcement makes the most DUI arrests in the entire state. Local agencies here regularly apply and receive extra money from grant programs to conduct extra DUI […]

Why You Should Avoid A DUI Charge In The Florida Keys

Reason 1 – It Can Become Very Costly A DUI conviction goes beyond just legal consequences like jail time and suspended driving privileges; it also poses a significant challenge to your financial wellbeing.  As per the data from Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles, the total cost – inclusive of fines, insurance hikes, attorney charges – […]

What to Know About DUI in Monroe County

Don’t go home with an extra souvenir from your vacation. Monroe County DUI by The Numbers In 2022, law enforcement officers in Monroe County issued 575 citations for DUI across all of the Florida Keys. The majority of the arrests are made by local sheriff department (418) only 22 were made by FHP and 129 […]