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The Results

The Defendant was stopped at the intersection of I-95 and Sheridan with a cat on her lap. The Defendant proceeded through the green light and the cat jumped out the window of her moving vehicle. The defendant stopped her vehicle and left her vehicle unattended in a lane of traffic with the hazard lights running. A police cruiser then crashed into the rear of her unattended vehicle while she chased her cat. Upon her return from looking for the cat, a DUI investigator noticed that she had the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and that she was unsteady on her feet. A DUI investigation ensued and the Defendant performed poorly on roadside exercises on video. The Defendant was arrested for DUI causing property damage and submitted to the breath test resulting in readings of .153g/210L and .152 g/210L. During the Firm’s investigation of this case, the Firm discovered that a video existed reflecting a conspiracy between 5 officers on the scene to unlawfully blame the Defendant for crashing into the officer in order to protect the officer from any civil liability or Departmental discipline. The video the firm found also shows the each of the officers indicating that they would submit false reports, perpetrate a fraud upon the court, suborn perjury and falsify sworn documents. The firm also was able to demonstrate that officers fabricated the entire accident investigation and facts surrounding the initial contact with the client, manufactured false evidence to fit their facts, tampered with evidence and committed perjury. All charges were dismissed after our investigation of this case. This case also garnered national media attention and was featured live on the NBC Today Show, CNN, Inside Edition, Fox News and MSNBC as well as local news outlets