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The Facts



The Results

A Port St. Lucie Police Officer observed the Defendant’s vehicle following dangerously close behind another vehicle. The Defendant’s vehicle abruptly changed lanes and struck the curb. After initiating a traffic stop, the officer made contact with the Defendant and noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her mouth. The Defendant’s clothing was described as disorderly and her speech slurred. The Defendant admitted to driving from a strip club where she had “a couple shots.” Upon being requested to exit the vehicle, the Defendant used her vehicle for support. The Defendant performed extremely poorly on the field sobriety tasks appearing confused and performing the tasks together instead of separately as instructed. The Defendant provided breath samples of .164/.172. Defense Counsel demanded to see a copy of the officer’s dashboard camera. On the video but off the view of the camera, Defense Counsel overheard the arresting officer telling another officer that he did not smell any alcohol on the Defendant’s breath, despite writing in his sworn report that he did. Defense Counsel also overheard the arresting officer making inappropriate comments about the Defendant being a stripper. Defense Counsel immediately filed a legal motion pointing out the officer committed perjury. Furthermore, Defense Counsel included a track record of the arresting officer making apparent false statements from other cases he has represented. After the Assistant State Attorney received Defense Counsel’s legal motion, the State of Florida immediately dropped the DUI charge