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The Facts

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The Results

After her boyfriend was arrested for driving her car on a suspended license our client was called to the scene to pick up her car. Before releasing her car to her, law enforcement officers asked our client several questions. As our client was about to leave in her car, law enforcement accused her of allowing an unauthorized person to drive her car. According to law enforcement our client knew that her boyfriend's driver's license was suspended and allowed him to drive anyway. Our client was ordered to appear in court on this criminal offense. Our client immediately contacted our office to begin working on her case. We reviewed all of the State's evidence and Law Enforcement's reports. Together with our client our office then prepared a defense strategy. Our plan was to block key pieces of evidence from being introduced based on law enforcement's flawed Miranda warnings. After reviewing the details of the case with the State our office began preparing a motion to suppress. However, soon after our discussions with the State detailing these flaws the State dismissed the charge.