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The Facts



The Results

According to the police, the Defendant was involved in a road rage incident. He allegedly crashed his car into another vehicle on the highway. When the vehicles stopped, both drivers engaged in a verbal dispute. A road ranger came to assist in moving the vehicles from the roadway. The Defendant allegedly started to take photographs of the other vehicle, a small child in the vehicle and the other driver. When the other driver protested, the Defendant allegedly started a physical altercation with the other driver. According to the Road Ranger, the Defendant almost threw the other driver into traffic. The police arrived and claimed that the Defendant was verbally abusive towards them as well. They placed the Defendant under arrest for battery. The attorney for the firm investigated the case. He wrote a “Stand Your Ground” Motion to Dismiss and prepared to argue it. On the day of the motion, the State dismissed all charges against the Defendant.