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The Facts

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The Results

Our client made contact with police after she called police for assistance with her estranged husband. The husband had shown up late in the evening at her house with his new girlfriend and demanded to take their children with him. Due to the children having appointments the next morning our client refused. The husband placed a child in the car and an argument ensued. After the husband got in the car our client reached in the car and recovered the child. The husband exited the car and chased our client back into her house. Where she was able to close the front door just as he was getting to them he then punched the cutting his hand. The police office who responded to the scene began investigating by questioning the husband and the new girlfriend who were standing outside. Law enforcement then took pictures of the husbands cut hand. Later he questioned the children and finally he questioned our client who had placed the call for help. Law enforcement then determined that our client had committed a battery on the husband. Law enforcement then placed our client under arrest and placed the children into the care of the husband. Due to their mother being arrested the children never made their appointments the next morning. After posting bond our client immediately contacted our office to begin working on the case. We carefully analyzed all of the State's evidence, Law Enforcement's reports, and witness statement's. Our office then constructed a defense strategy. Finally, we reviewed each detail of the case with our client and prepared her for a possible trial. After reviewing some inconsistencies within the statements provided by the husband and the new girlfriend with the State the prosecution dismissed the Domestic Violence Battery charge.