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The Facts

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The Results

Our Client was pulled over for weaving in and out of lanes coming up to a major intersection. When the officer came into contact with our client he noted a smell of alcohol, red, glassy eyes, and slurred speech. Our client admitted to drinking much earlier in the day and to having taken Tylenol PM within the hour. Our client spoke with a strong Haitian accent, and it was clear any mistakes he made on his field sobriety exercises were due to the language barrier rather than impairment by alcohol. Our client was arrested for DUI and refused a Breathalyzer. Our client told us that he was weaving that night but it was from checking his cell phone which mirrors the driving pattern on the video. First hearing our clients voice we knew that it was not slurred on the video, rather the way he always spoke with a Haitian accent. Our firm prepared for trial, and on the eve of the trial was offered a Reckless Driving.