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The Facts

Case #: 15-XXXX6MXXXA


The Results

The Defendant's vehicle was observed to be speeding and failing to maintain its lane of travel. The police officer followed the vehicle for approximately 1 mile and initialed a traffic stop. Upon making contact, the officer noticed that the driver "reeked of alcohol" and had bloodshot eyes. The driver admitted to consuming Heineken beers at a nearby bar. The officer called for a DUI officer to arrive as a DUI investigation was about to begin. The DUI officer noticed similar signs of impairment as well as slurred/mumbled speech. Roadside exercises were offered and performed on video. The driver was arrested and offered a breath test, which he refused. After completing discovery and deposing the stopping officer, our law firm filed a Motion to Suppress, arguing that the detention of the driver was unlawful. Through detailed research, almost 50 pages of Florida caselaw was obtained and provided to the State Attorney in support of the firm's motion. In response to the motion and research, the State Attorney agreed to drop the DUI charge. This same Defendant retained The Ticket Clinic for a DUI several years ago, and we were able to get that DUI charge dropped as well!