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16-2021-CT-000XXX – DUI, 3rd offense charges dropped

The Facts

Case #: 16-2021-CT-000XXX – DUI, 3rd offense charges dropped


The Results

Our client's vehicle made a wide turn, swayed and crossed over the center line multiple times. Our client was stopped for the infractions.  According to the officer, our client showed signs of impairment and had a 12 pack of beer in his car with several "empties." Ticket Clinic attorneys took over the case and filed a Motion to Suppress, alleging that the stop was unlawful. At the hearing, our attorney was able to get the officer to testify in a manner that established that the stop was improper. The Judge agreed with our assessment of the fact and law and granted our motion. The prosecutor was forced to drop the DUI and the Judge dismissed all traffic infractions as well.