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The Facts

Case #: 16-a48xxxxxxx


The Results

On August 8, 2015, the Defendant was was involved in a serious traffic crash at 5th Ave S. and 31st St. The Defendant was found to not be at fault in the accident. The Defendant and the other driver were both transported to the hospital for medical attention. A St. Petersburg Police Officer met with the Defendant at the hospital. The officer indicated to the Defendant that he was investigating a separate criminal charge from the accident. He felt that she may be impaired while driving and read the Miranda rights to her. The Defendant waived her rights and spoke to the Officer. The Defendant also voluntarily submitted to a blood test to determine her blood alcohol level. Her blood was tested twice and the results were .088 and .064 respectfully. The Defendant was then criminally charged with DUI with property damage.

Results: the firm provided the State with several documents related to the crash and the Defendant's blood alcohol level. After review of this information, the State dropped the DUI charge.