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The Facts

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The Results

Our client is a commercial bus driver. During a shift the bus he was driving was struck by a car. Our client and his passengers waited at the scene of the accident until law enforcement arrived. Law enforcement first spoke to the driver of the car and then approached our client. Law enforcement, who speaks both English and Spanish fluently, noticed that our client was having trouble communicating in English but continued his investigation in English. Our client's employer arrived at the scene and was able to observe the investigation and questioning of our client. Law enforcement failed to take a statement from any of the passengers. Law enforcement focused in on a single detail from our client's entire statement, in which they claim our client was intentionally lying to them about. Our client was arrested at the scene despite having no prior criminal history. After our client bonded out of jail he contacted our office. After our office took the case we thoroughly reviewed all of the State's evidence, Law enforcement's reports, and witness testimony. Our office presented substantial legal arguments to the court and after several hearings the prosecution dismissed the charge.