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The Facts

Case #: 17**37


The Results

Our client was allegedly paced by Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) traveling 90MPH on SR-826. FHP activated their emergency lights and sirens and gave chase for approximately 15 minutes while our client weaved in and out of lanes of traffic. Eventually FHP was ordered to discontinue their pursuit and contact was made for Police to take up the chase. Police were able to pull our client over once off the highway. Our client was arrested for reckless driving and driving on a suspended license. When the police searched our clients car they found marijuana and charged our client accordingly. Ticket Clinic attorneys were able to show the police had a general lack of recollection as to key parts of the arrest process, demonstrated there were chain of custody issues with respect to the marijuana and argued that our clients driving amounted to nothing more than a simple infraction. After some back and forth, the state attorney dismissed the marijuana charge, dismissed the driving on a suspended license charge and reduced the reckless to careless driving.