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The Facts

Case #: 174**76


The Results

Miami-Dade County. Our client was accused of swearing off the road and striking a mailbox and leaving the scene of that accident. In addition, our client was further accused of being involved in a separate crash rendering his vehicle immobile. As a result of the second crash, our client needed to be transported to the hospital to treat his injuries. Unfortunately for our client, there was evidence tying him to first accident and the police claimed to have witnessed the second crash. Our client was ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident and for several other infractions relating to the two incidents. Our attorneys were able to argue that the entire chain of events could not be properly established because there were no witnesses to the first accident (notwithstanding the "evidence" tying our client to it) and there were doubts as to whether our client was at fault for the second crash. As a result, the State Attorney was forced to dismiss the case for lack of evidence.