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The Facts

Case #: 17cm0xxxxxxxx


The Results

On 04/21/2017, at approximately 0014 hours, a Hillsborough County Deputy 7 was driving eastbound on Causeway BI in his personal vehicle when he observed a 2003 blue Acura MDX stopped approximately four to five car lengths behind the stop bar at a green light in the center lane at the intersection of Causeway BI and Providence Lakes BI. He observed the black male driver in the driver' s seat passed out behind the wheel. The vehicle was running, in drive, and impeding the flow of traffic. The driver woke up and continued eastbound on Causeway BI. The vehicle almost sideswiped two cars on the left side while merging into their lane of travel. The vehicle crossed the dotted white line with both right tires several times The vehicle got into the right hand lane and went off the roadway with both right tires several times before pulling into a parking lot at the intersection of Kings AV S / Lumsden Rd W. Upon contact with the driver, Deputy detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana emitting from the vehicle, the defendant appeared sluggish and disoriented. Standardized Field Sobriety Exercises were conducted and impairment was observed. An inventory search was
conducted on the vehicle and a plastic bag containing a green leafy substance was located under the driver' s seat of the vehicle. The green leafy substance was tested using an HCSO Quick Check Test Kit for THC ( marijuana) at which time it
tested positive. The amount of Marijuana was less than 20 grams. The defendant was arrested for DUI and transported to CBT where he provided a lawful breath sample of .000/.000. The defendant agreed to provide a lawful urine sample which
was sent to FDLE for testing.

Results: The state dropped the DUI charge.