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The Facts

Case #: 17ct00xxxxxx


The Results

On May 06, 2017 at approximately 12: 17 a.m., a FHP Trooper responded to eastbound State Road 574 west of U. S. Highway 301 in reference to a reckless driver
B. O. L. 0). The Tampa Bay Regional Communications Center ( TBRCC) received a call of a dark in color Hyundai, traveling eastbound on Interstate 4( State
oad 400) at mile marker 1, that was driving all over the road, failing to maintain its lane of travel, driving without headlights on. The caller continued to follow the dark in color Hyundai as it exited onto State Road 574, traveling in an easterly direction.
I observed the dark in color Hyundai proceed through the intersection of State Road 574 and U. S. Highway 301 without headlights on as Trooper was traveling northbound on U. S. Highway 301 south of State Road 574. The Trooper came into contact with the dark colored Hyundai eastbound on State Road 574 west of Falkenburg Road and paced clocked the vehicle traveling at 65 mph in a posted 50 mph speed zone. The Trooper then activated her emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop on the Hyundai for driving without headlights and speeding.

While speaking with the defendant, the Trooper observed that the driver had bloodshot watery eyes and detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his facial area. Trooper also observed the defendant had slow and lethargic movements and at times, his words were slurred. Due to observing several signs of impairment on the
Defendant, Trooper asked if he would be willing to perform Standardized Field Sobriety Exercises ( SFEs) in order to ensure he was not impaired beyond his normal
faculties and he was okay to drive his vehicle. The defendant consented.
The Standardized Field Sobriety Exercises were performed on -scene and impairment was observed. The Defendant was then placed under arrest for DUI. The Defendant refused to provide a breath sample after Florida's Implied Consent law was read.

Results: The Firm set the case for trial and prior to the trial date, the State dropped the DUI charge.