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The Facts

Case #: 17CT******5


The Results

The client was discovered by an officer sleeping in his vehicle at around 3:55 in the morning. The vehicle was at an intersection and running when officers arrived. There were no motion issues with this case, however the state was receptive to mitigation. We collected documentation from our client which indicated that his father's funeral was earlier that day. As a result of this traumatic incident, the client made a poor decision that was out of character and he accepted full responsibility for his actions. His lack of prior record, coupled with the fact that he is a recent college graduate with gainful employment allowed us to argue that his risk to re-offend was low. In addition, the client provided our office with a copy of his employee handbook which stated that his employment could be terminated based on a dui conviction. In light of the above-mentioned info, the State agreed to dismiss the DUI and in turn offered the reckless with no conviction on his record.