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18-03XXXXMU10A – DUI Charge Reduced

The Facts

Case #: 18-03XXXXMU10A – DUI Charge Reduced


The Results

Our client was pulled over for speeding and driving nearly twice the speed limit. Because he speaks with a heavy accent, our client was suspected of being impaired and was ordered to exit the vehicle to complete a DUI investigation. Our client performed very well on field sobriety exercises, but was still arrested for DUI. After reviewing the evidence against our client, the attorney for the Ticket Clinic immediately prepared a motion to suppress arguing that our client performed so well on field sobriety exercises, that no reasonable officer would have thought that he was impaired. Upon reviewing our argument and the body worn camera video, the State Attorney's office was convinced to change the charge from DUI to Reckless Driving and sentenced our client to a withhold and court costs. Because of our attorney's diligent efforts, our client avoided a conviction on his record and did not have to serve 1 day of probation.