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The Facts

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The Results

Our client was alleged to have sped through traffic striking two vehicles and leaving the scene without having provided his information. Later that evening, police respond to a call regarding a crash and possible injuries. Upon arriving, the police claim that our client was passed out behind the wheel. The police further claim that the car was still on, in drive, but that his foot was on the break. According to the police, attempts to wake our client failed and they were forced to smash the back window of our clients car, crawl in and manually put the car in park and turn off the ignition. After waking our client, the police conduct a DUI investigation and arrest our client. During the arrest, the police claim that our client admitted to taking several drugs recently including prescription medication. During our investigation of the case, Ticket Clinic attorneys discovered that Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) was involved in the investigation of the accident. Witnesses stated that our client was permitted to drive back to the scene of the accident in order for the police to complete their investigation. However, those same witnesses stated that they were not able to identify our client with any degree of certainty. Further investigation revealed that the Police Department investigated the DUI and we inquired from the police officers whether they were aware that FHP ticketed our client for leaving the scene of the accident within an hour of their DUI, including letting him drive. To everyone's surprise, police admitted that they were aware of that and that in their opinion, FHP committed a serious error in allowing our client to drive in the condition he was in. The state attorney was so appalled at the facts of this case that they dismissed the leaving the scene of an accident charge and allowed our client to enter into a program whereby his DUI will be reduced to a reckless driving.