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The Facts

Case #: 18**245


The Results

Miami-Dade County. Police claimed to have been dispatched to assist on a possible reckless driver. According to the police report, by the time the officers arrived on scene our client was already out of his vehicle. The police report further states that passing motorists had flagged down nearby police officers reference reckless driving regarding our client and that that was why our client had been pulled over. Upon interacting with out client, the police claim to have detected the typical signs of impairment and proceeded to conduct a DUI investigation which ultimately lead to the arrest of our client. On the day of trial, Ticket Clinic attorneys argued there was insufficient evidence to establish probable cause for the stop. Upon hearing this argument, the police promptly changed their entire story in contradiction of their already sworn to police report. Having been made uncomfortable by this change in position by the police, the prosecutor dismissed all charges.