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The Facts

Case #: 18ctxxxxxx


The Results

ON December 27, 2018, a County Sheriff Deputy observed a Chevy Tahoe parked in the parking lot of a closed business. The Deputy pulled in behind the vehicle without any lights or emergency equipment activated. The Deputy then saw the Tahoe’s brake lights come on and the vehicle began to roll back towards the patrol vehicle. The Deputy activated his air horn and the vehicle stopped. The Deputy then approached the Defendant who was in the driver seat of the Tahoe. The Defendant had slurred speech and blood shot watery eyes. A DUI investigator was called to the scene. The Defendant performed field sobriety exercises and was arrested after exhibiting clues of impairment. The Defendant provided a breath sample of .238 and .250.
Results: The firm filed a motion to suppress and prior to the motion being heard, the State dropped the DUI charge.