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19-CT-***468 | DUI Charge Reduced

The Facts

Case #: 19-CT-***468 | DUI Charge Reduced


The Results

Our client was involved in a 3 car wreck, one of which was a police vehicle. The police officer was stopped ahead, and our client failed to move over and struck the police vehicle. The Deputy sustained minor injuries. Officers on scene noticed signs of impairment, including the odor of alcohol, balance issues, bloodshot/watery eyes, slurred speech, and an admission to drinking. A DUI investigation was started and the officer said that our client "flunked". A breath test was provided and the results were .141 and .142.  Our client was charged with 3 counts of DUI. Initially the plea offer included 30 days in jail. After many attempts, the State finally agreed to reduce the charge to reckless driving and dropped 2 of the DUI charges.  This new offer included no jail and no driver license suspension!