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The Facts

Case #: 2****-****-*****-A


The Results

While driving down the road the client had a blow-out resulting in damage to his vehicle and the police being called to investigate. The responding officer was a "Drug Recognition Expert" (DRE) that specializes in impaired driving cases. The officer believed the client was intoxicated, he urinated in his pants, performed poorly on the roadside sobriety tests and blew almost double the legal limit. Initially The Ticket Clinic Attorney was able to get the client into a Pre-Trial Diversion program that results in the dismissal of the charge. However, a supervisor at the State Attorney's Office reviewed the case they determined that the facts were too egregious to qualify for diversion. The Ticket Clinic Attorney continued the fight filing a Motion to Suppress. After the arguments the Judge held that the arrest was unconstitutional and excluded all of the post arrest statements, observations, and evidence. The Ticket Clinic Attorney attempted to negotiate with the State to get them to drop the DUI charge and offer a Reckless Driving based upon the client’s lack of criminal history. They Refused. The case was set for trial. The Ticket Clinic Attorney was able to capitalize on mistakes made by the State and the expert officer was not able to be declared an expert in trial. After a full day trial including a civilian witness that stated the Client "was so drunk he fell down 3-4 times". The jury came back unanimously Not Guilty.