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The Facts

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The Results

A deputy observed our client with a defective tag light, swerving and straddling the dash lines of a roadway for 2/10 of a mile. Upon initiating a traffic stop, the deputy noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and marijuana emanating from the client's car. The deputy later found a cold open can of beer and a bag of marijuana behind the driver’s seat. The deputy claimed our client performed poorly on roadside exercises and arrested her for DUI and Possession of Marijuana. Our client provided breath samples in the Intoxilyzer of .082 and .083. Once the Firm was hired, the attorney persuaded the prosecutor to dismiss the Possession of Marijuana charge, but the prosecutor would not budge on the DUI caharge seeking a conviction and stiff penalties. The attorney took the DUI charge to trial. A jury took merely 15 minutes to deliberate and concluded the evidence was unreliable and inaccurate. All charges completely DISMISSED!