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The Facts

Case #: 20**-**-****4


The Results

Our client was stopped for failing to maintain his lane, making a wide turn and for failing to stop behind the stop bar. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer noticed that our client was sweating, had the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and noticed that his eyes were glassy and watery. The Defendant made an admission that the officer thought established some level of impairment. The driver also admitted to drinking alcohol that evening. After roadside exercises were performed on video, the officer arrested our client for DUI. A breath test was taken and the results were .079 and .077, 3 hours after the admitted time of drinking and 2 hours after the time of driving. Once retained, Ticket Clinic lawyers filed a Motion for Speedy Trial. The case was set for trial, and a jury was selected. After a 1.5 day jury trail, the jury returned with a verdict of NOT GUILTY.