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The Facts

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The Results

The Client was driving on his way home from a night out when an animal ran in front of his vehicle. The Client swerved to miss the animal and as a result hit a utility pole. The collision caused significant damage to his truck and the pole. The power to the entire area was knocked out as a result. The Client then backed up his vehicle to see the damage and proceeded to park his vehicle alongside the road as his home was very close. Bystanders that witnessed the accident claimed that he was trying to flee the scene. Law enforcement arrived and charged him with leaving the scene of an accident. The Firm argued that the Client lived very close so it wasn’t logical that he was trying to flee. In addition the Client’s vehicle was so badly damaged that it wasn’t possible for him to flee. The firm also argued that the extensive damage that the Client caused to the utility pole would have to be handled in a civil matter and not in a criminal restitution hearing as the damage was not the result of criminal activity. The State eventually agreed and dismissed all charges.