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The Facts

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The Results

The client was found sleeping in running car in the parking lot of a liquor store. A store employee found the client and called 911 to report the incident. The police responded to the scene and found the client in the car asleep with the car running. During the encounter the client admitted to drinking vodka out of the bottle, being on probation for DUI, and he was subsequently arrested for DUI. After the arrest the client blew - a .39 and .38 (almost five times the legal limit). The attorney moved to have the breath test results suppressed as evidence – After a long battle the Court denied the motion. The attorney then filed a Motion to Suppress attempting to preclude the state from using evidence against the Client in trial. At the conclusion of the hearing the court sided with the Ticket Clinic Attorney, the state had not met their burden and the stop of the Defendant was suppressed. Three days later the State dropped the charges.