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20-CT-***068 – DUI Case Dropped

The Facts

Case #: 20-CT-***068 – DUI Case Dropped


The Results

Our client was stopped speeding. The officer saw a 6 pack of White Claws on the passenger seat and a 6 pack of Stella's on the passenger floorboard. An open/empty White Claw was in the driver's side door. The driver's eyes were bloodshot/watery and there was a very strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver according to the officer. A DUI investigation was started and the officer said our client was "carefree" during the investigation and she mocked the officers. After the completion of the exercises, our client was arrested. She stated "I'm not drunk, I only had 2 White Claws". A breath test was requested and refused. Ticket Clinic lawyers began picking the case apart and negotiating with the State. Eventually, the State agreed to drop the DUI charge.