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20-CT-***207 – DUI Case Dropped

The Facts

Case #: 20-CT-***207 – DUI Case Dropped


The Results

Our client was stopped for driving at night with no headlights on. When the police approached, our client handed the officer a bag of marijuana and his driver license. Our client's eyes were red/watery and his speech was slow.  A Drug Recognition Expert was called to the scene and our client admitted to recently smoking a joint. The officer noticed signs of marijuana impairment. Roadside exercises were performed and our client was arrested.  A breath test result registered .00, and a urine sample was not properly provided.  The State Attorney initially refused to drop the case.  Eventually, a reckless driving offer was extended, which was declined.  The offer was improved, but again it was refused by our client. We demanded a jury trial.  With the jurors upstairs, ready to start the trial, the State finally agreed to drop the DUI completely.