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20-CT-***24*, 24* – DUI, DUI w/ Property Damage – Not Guilty

The Facts

Case #: 20-CT-***24*, 24* – DUI, DUI w/ Property Damage – Not Guilty


The Results

Our client was driving erratically. He was being followed by a car load of teenage girls who video taped his driving pattern while calling police. According to the witnesses, he was swerving badly, driving in the wrong lane, ran into a curb on a several occasions, went into the grass shoulder and almost hit a few mailboxes. Eventually, he lost control of his car and went airborne over a culvert, landed in a ditch and then ran into a fence. When officers arrived, our client was seated in the driver's seat. After being arrested, our client took a breath test (blew .00) and refused to give a urine sample. Ticket Clinic lawyers were able to convince the prosecutor to drop the DUI to an amended Reckless Driving charge.  Our client did not want to accept the offer, so we took the case to a jury trial.  During the trial, we were able to convince the Judge to dismiss one of the DUI charges. The 2nd count went to a jury and they returned a Not Guilty verdict in 28 minutes.