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The Results

Fatal accidents are truly terrible and unexpected events in life. They can be made even more terrible when you are charged with causing the accident even though it was truly not your fault, and it was a set of extremely unfortunate circumstances. Recently our Client was involved in an accident in Fl. The Client’s vehicle was traveling with other vehicles on US 1. Witness testimony, taken by law enforcement, indicated that a vehicle pulled out onto the roadway in front of the Client at the last minute, making the crash unavoidable. As a result of the crash, the driver of the vehicle that pulled out into the roadway passed away. The Client’s vehicle was severely damaged but he was otherwise unharmed. Law enforcement then arrived on scene and did an accident investigation. Pursuant to their accident investigation the Officers determined that the Client was going over the speed limit when the accident occurred and issued him a citation that reflected he caused her death. Our lawyers investigated the matter and set it for trial. At said trial our lawyer got law enforcement to admit that there was only on extra second of reaction time available had the Client been traveling the speed limit. In addition, our lawyer paid careful attention to the evidence that was introduced in the trial and noticed that law enforcement didn’t have any evidence that identified our driver as the driver at fault. At the conclusion of said trial the County Court Judge held that one second was not enough additional time to make this terrible accident our Client’s fault. In addition, law enforcement failed to show who was actually driving the car, which was a serious flaw in their case. The case was dismissed, and while the Client cannot celebrate because someone passed away, he can take comfort in the fact that he didn’t cause the accident as indicated by law enforcement.