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20-XXX5XXX10A – Charge Reduced

The Facts

Case #: 20-XXX5XXX10A – Charge Reduced


The Results

The State Attorney's office charged our client with DUI causing Serious Bodily Injury, a 3rd degree Felony that carries a minimum/mandatory sentence of 4 years in prison. The State Attorney's office alleged that our client spent a day at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood drinking and gambling with friends; and that on his way home, he was involved in a serious car crash while travelling approximately 90 miles per hour. Our client's passenger suffered a broken neck, and a witness on scene allegedly heard our client admitting that he was drunk. Our client refused to provide a sample of his blood, and the Davie Police Department submitted a refusal affidavit to the DMV, which triggered an automatic license suspension. The Ticket Clinic attorney in Broward County requested an administrative hearing to challenge this suspension. During the hearing, our attorney was able to challenge the state's evidence and question the arresting officer. The FLHSMV overturned our client's license suspension, and the State Attorney's office eventually dropped all DUI charges against our client and withheld adjudication on the lesser charge of Reckless Driving. Our client went from facing a felony conviction and at least 4 years in prison, to a withhold and now has the option to seal and expunge this case from his criminal record.