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2008CT00XXXX – Violation Of DUI Probation

The Facts

Case #: 2008CT00XXXX – Violation Of DUI Probation


The Results

The client called our office for an very unusual issue regarding his past DUI. In what appeared to be a clerical error, a warrant was issued for our client on a Violation of Probation, 13 years later. Our client was booked in on that warrant in South Florida. Surprisingly, the arresting agency issues another warrant based on a different clerical error.  On November 3, 2021, The Ticket Clinic's team was able to have the warrant(s) address, and dismiss any outstanding warrants that would potentially harm our client. This was a rarity, as it was done in chambers without a adversarial hearing. Our client was able to gather the supporting documents of his past probation, and we expect to have underlying VOP dismissed in addition to the warrants being recalled.